Circuit Clerk

Circuit Clerk's Office Staff

Candy L. Warner - Tyler County Circuit Clerk

Amy B. Adams – Deputy Clerk

Tamie Weekley – Deputy Clerk 


Circuit Clerk's Office Duties and Responsibilities

The Circuit Clerk’s Office is responsible for filing, recording and maintaining all pleadings, documents, and funds pertaining to all cases filed in the Circuit and Family Courts. These duties and responsibilities are prescribed by statute, rule, or order of the court. Cases filed in the Circuit Clerk’s office include (but not limited to): Criminal, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Abuse & Neglect, Civil, Adoptions, Guardian & Conservator, Mental Hygiene, Magistrate Appeals and all Domestic related cases such as Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support.

In addition, the Circuit Clerk’s office also collects various fees, fines and costs associated with the cases listed above. The office is also authorized to hold and/or disburse payments and deposits such as bonds, restitution and witness fees.

The Circuit Clerk’s Office also serves as the jury administrator for the court and is responsible for the management of the petit and grand jury systems in the county. A master list of prospective jurors is created via computerization from two sources: licensed drivers (DMV) and registered voters (Secretary of State). Under the direction of the Court, the Clerk’s Office is responsible for providing jury panels for Circuit and Magistrate Court Trials and monitoring attendance and mileage for purposes of reimbursement to the juror (paid by the Sheriff’s Office at the end of each term of court).

Additional, the staff in the Circuit Clerk’s office can provide procedural assistance and information to pro se litigants; however, the staff does NOT provide legal advice or assistance of any kind.

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